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Greater security. Better protection. More safety.

Admittedly, that's a little redundant. But we're emphasizing a point that could really help your company: Deep Seven's system of records shredding, archiving, and scanning provides greater security than our competitors do for a lower price.

Here's just one example: when we shred documents, we keep them in locked bins at all times, so that no one - not even us - ever lays their eyes on a single word.

Ask the people at your shredding company if they do the same.


Why won't any ol' shredding company do? The daily news is littered with stories of leaked memos, stolen files, and identity-theft cases that inflict great damage on companies and individuals.

Plus, it's not just intentional corporate espionage you need to guard against. A well-meaning employee, client, or vendor could accidentally read something in your files that they can use to their advantage and your disadvantage.

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No office is too small to benefit from our shredding services.

You'll probably be surprised how little it can cost. You may only need weekly or even monthly service. And you can get as many or as few collection stations as you want.

Plus, nobody shreds as securely as we do - as evidenced by our locked bins and double-shredding, among other things.

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